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Gold Covered Camel Statue

by Artist Reza Jouharian

Statue Weight

120Kg (Including the Platform)

Duration of Crafting the Statue

2 Years

Statue Height

180 Cm (Including the Platform)

Statue Material

Iron and Gold

About The Gold Covered Camel Statue

Information on statue:
Statue weight: 70 kg
Platform weight: 50 kg
Period of making statue’s body: 9 month
Period of gold inlaying: 1 year
Height of statue + platform: 180 cm
The amount of gold used for inlaying: 1 kg
Statue’s body and platform material: iron

The statue was finished in 1994, after 2 years of work.

About Mr. Reza Jouharian

The artist of the Gold Covered Camel Statue

Late Mr. Jouharian is one of the famous large-scale sculptors, born on 1951 in Masjed Hakim Ave. of Isfahan to a family whose works dated back to Safavid dynasty. He was taught ironwork and typification by his father Mirza Ali Jouharian and his two brothers Mohammad & Hossein Jouharian.

Master artist Jouharian exhibited his works in national and international exhibitions & art galleries, and received many letters of appreciations as a result. His masterpieces of animal statues, typifications, necklaces, and shrines are set for exhibition in many cities in Iran and some of foreign countries. Some of his notable works are “The Golden Cow” in Sa’ad Abad Museum of Handcrafted Art in Tehran, a number of shrines in Shoushtar, Arak, and Kerman cities, one masterpiece in Museum in England, and one in Saudi Arabia.

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